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In-company training

Managing Employee Relations

Programme Overview:

This programme aims to develop and enhance the key knowledge and skills required of front line and middle level managers to establish and maintain positive employee relations within their organisations. The programme seeks to develop managers to give them greater confidence when dealing with interpersonal conflicts, bullying & harassment, grievances as well as dealing with disciplinary matters in a more effective way.

The focus is on early intervention to prevent the escalation of issues in these areas, but also to understand the more formal procedures involved, as well as the legal requirements. In addition, the key interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills required to manage these situations will be explored and developed. The programme will also deal with managing these issues in the context of Covid-19 pandemic.

Programme Outcomes:

On completion of this programme, participants will:
  • Understand and appreciate the full extent and importance of their role in managing people
  • Improve their interpersonal skills to enable them to deal more effectively with colleagues at all levels within their organisation and act with greater confidence
  • Be more self-aware and therefore, more competent holding critical conversations
  • Acquire the key tools for conducting investigations effectively
  • Develop an appreciation of how to mediate between parties in dispute, helping the parties work towards a positive outcome
  • Learn how to manage performance and to handle grievances and disciplinary meetings with more confidence
  • Understand the critical pieces of employment legislation and how they apply in an organisation
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