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Graduate Development Programme

Graduate Development Programme

At Ibec, we have designed a best in class accredited Graduate Programme to help organisations attract, retain and develop top talent.
In today’s fast-paced environment, we believe if your graduates are not learning and actively upskilling, both the individual and the organisation are falling behind. The journey of learning and development does not end after third level education, it continues into the workplace, and for any organisation to be competitive, investment in continuous professional development is essential.

According to GradIreland’s 2018 survey, the skills gap continues to exist, with communication remaining the number one skill graduates lack. Our experience working with employers also highlighted areas such as attitude, resilience and team working as being core to how a graduate performs in their roles. These are everyday skills that enable people to work and communicate effectively in the workplace and essential skills for graduates to master in order to perform at their best.
Why not offer your graduates a level 6, CPD Diploma in Professional Competence, as part of their journey with your organisation? We have worked with many organisations to customise accredited programmes that really make an impact in terms of how your graduates perform in their roles and grow in confidence and the skills needed.

Our practical graduate programme, accredited by Technological University Dublin, is designed to run in parallel with your work placements. This customised programme focuses on developing the skills required of graduates in your culture, ensuring your values, competencies and performance goals are central to the design, along with your policies and procedures and ways of working. Graduates also complete a learning journal, practical project, personality profile which ensures both competence and confidence in a range of critical area are tangible outcomes delivered. Our design team will work with you to ensure the programme you run, works for you, your organisation and your graduates.

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